Market to the Moment

The Power of Words

Our words are migrants, crossing and recrossing the boundaries of other people’s minds, influencing thoughts and encouraging actions a few, a hundred, or even a thousand miles away.

Our words can spark imagination, evolve into action and create change.

If I learned anything today, it’s that words can create unity. Words can cause people to forget about borders and differences, and create a unified battalion of human beings armed with hope and prepared to face their future together.

Most of all, words empower. Some of the greatest movements of all time were inspired by passionate people who believed in a message, believed in the strength of each individual person and believed in the incredible power of unity.

Great leaders come at a time when people most need inspiration and hope. They speak to our hearts, and our minds.

It’s that time again.

Whether people agree with your idea or not, they are moved by your words.

They can choose to listen. They can choose to stand up.

And, they can choose to join the movement.

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Market to the Moment