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Review – Putting the Public Back in Public Relations

Putting the Public Back in Public Relations - Brian Solis, Deirdre Breakenridge

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Putting the Public Back In Public Relations by Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge

First, don’t be put off by the “PR” aspect of the book.

Believe me, this is not another Public Relations theory book. Though Solis and Breakenridge do discuss the history and traditional practices of the industry, it’s more of a planning and practical guidebook for using new PR 2.0 strategies to build trust and credibility.

This book doesn’t just put the “public” back in public relations, it puts the human back into community relations and business promotion. Forget about automation and accumulating media hits, and think about creating a plan encourages others to continue to be interested in, and involved with, your company.

“Fusing marketing, PR, community relations, product marketing, and customer service in an entirely new, socially aware role.” -PPBPR

Solis and Breakenridge address the real problems with PR, and how the industry’s reputation has declined over the years. The internet has put a spotlight on PR’s worst-practices and blunders, and the authors identify how conscientious PR practitioners can begin to change the way others see the industry as a whole.

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Review – Unlocking WordPress’ SEO Secrets

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Wikipedia says:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results, or the higher it “ranks,” the more searchers will visit that site. As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for.  -Wikipedia

Basically, SEO is doing everything you can to structure your website so it ranks at the top of the search engine results when your prospects are searching for an immediate solution to a problem. If you have that solution, you need to be in those top results.

That’s where WordPress SEO Secrets by Michael Martine of Remarkablogger comes in.

Why I Bought WordPress SEO Secrets

I really needed it. I’m not the only small business copywriting and marketing company on the internet, and I may not be the right choice for everyone, but I still want to be on the short list. If I’m not in the searches, I’m not a choice. It’s as simple as that.

I was on the fence about buying WordPress SEO Secrets for weeks. I know it was just released last week, but I knew in 2008 it was coming out this January and I found myself trying to logically justify the purchase price. Not because I think the product isn’t worth the price – it’s worth a lot more than it’s selling for – but, because I set a tight “educational training” budget for my business. Eventually, with the help of the looming deadline, I talked myself into it. I also got in minutes before the price doubles, that’s how “on the fence” I was about it.

Why You Need this Product

The importance of this information was reinforced yesterday when I met with a potential marketing client. It was during this two hour session that I realized the huge – and I mean huge – online marketing knowledge gap that plagues many small business owners. After I got over the initial shock of discovering how much she spends monthly to have a big corp host her HTML website, I explained to her why her website wasn’t being found, at all. Not only does she have huge competition in her market and location, but she’s using generic copy and relying on meta tag keywords (as suggested by the multi-billion dollar corp) to get ahead of her competition in searches. But that’s a post for another day.

I’ve been working in marketing for small business for quite some time.  I know how fierce competition can be for small business owners. Especially if you are just starting your business and you’ve never designed a business website. And with all the talk about the insurgence of newly laid off people jumping on the internet and starting up businesses, I know that people don’t have time to spend researching all the techniques that Michael is offering in his SEO Secrets program.

If you need results now, and don’t want to wait until your market is flooded with hundreds or even thousands of new websites in 2009, Michael’s program is the best place to start.

My Opinion – Product Strengths:

  1. You can implement it immediately, which I did and then created a new XML site map to reflect the changes I made.
  2. Michael explains how to use the search engines and other tools to find out what your competition is doing to get ahead of you on the search results page.
  3. He explains how to use WordPress add-ins to your advantage.
  4. The videos outline all the steps Michael talks about in the book & audios. If you’re unsure about navigating the WordPress administrator dashboard,  these videos help to explain the various functions, what to enter and how to fix mistakes.
  5. He talks about categories and duplicate content penalties so that everyone can understand them.
  6. Most of the search and SEO tools he suggests are free, or available at minimal cost. So, once you buy the program, you really don’t have to spend a fortune to put the methods into action.
  7. He explains “Black Hat SEO” and lets you know what the search engines will do to you if you break the rules and get caught.
  8. WordPress SEO Secrets is for WordPress SEO only – so it’s unique among all the other SEO educational programs out there.

My Opinion – Product Weaknesses:

  1. The audio fades in and out a little and there is some background noise, but that’s the nature of online communication tools. Just turn your speakers up – and be prepared for some beeps that will make you jump.
  2. Although the audio came from a Teleseminar session, all the questions were cut out. I really would have enjoyed hearing some of the questions and discussion that went on around the content that Michael included.
  3. WordPress SEO Secrets is for WordPress SEO only, so it won’t help you if your using something else. (Why are you anyway?) The search and research info is still relevant, but the true focus is on people who are going to start blogging with a self-hosted WordPress website.

The biggest problem – Michael is pulling it from the Remarkablogger Store shelves on January 17th, 2009. There’s no word yet as to when he will be releasing it again. So, if you need more targeted traffic to help your small business get more attention, I’d buy it before it’s gone.

As of January 17th, Michael has decided to eliminate the deadline. I think that’s great news for everyone. Especially those of you who are undecided about how you want to position your small business on the internet. When you do decide to use WordPress to host your blog, you can still buy SEO Secrets to ensure you’re using it to the fullest.

Honestly, there is almost nothing out there that thoroughly addresses the needs of people who are just starting out in blogging, are new to SEO and are self-hosting WordPress – until now. I won’t go over the entire table of contents – I have to admit, the section “Changes to Google Page Rank and Search Algorithms” was the real clincher for me – but I can direct you to a sample from 1 of the 3 e-books included. Check out a sample of WordPress SEO Secrets here.

If you’re still not sure, just check-out the WordPress SEO Secrets sales page and see what other business owners are saying about it.

Existing, or not existing, in the search engine results page is entirely up to you.

P.S. Because of Michael’s product, I’m already indexed and ranked 11th in the search engines for a keyword I was targeting.

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Review – Watch, Listen and Click…

While on one of my weekly visits to the library, I stumbled upon a book that I can’t seem to put down. That rarely happens to me. I generally go the library to find a quiet place to work. I have a favorite spot that’s tucked behind the Psych section, where few dare to tread.

Anyway, unforeseen circumstances forced me to change my regular route through the book shelves, and I slipped past a shelf I’ve never seen before. One book in particular jumped out at me, and my hand reached out to it before I knew what I was doing.

The book is called Watch This, Listen Up, Click Here by David Verklin and Bernice Kanner .

The main topic of this book is media, advertising and marketing, and it’s written by two well-known media experts. It is exceptionally well written, and it gives lots of insight into the future of media and advertising.

I have to say, I was amazed at the amount of information and research that went into it. I’m also amazed at the amount of money and time advertisers spend on selling us their products. I think we get so used to seeing ads and marketing materials that we stop paying attention to the ones we believe are blatant, but I don’t think we realize how much advertising has become part of our everyday lives. Verkin and Kanner estimate that we look at “3,000 ads a day,” not counting “the now almost ubiquitous product placements embedded in films, TV shows, and games.”

No wonder we have short attention spans.

My favorite passage is:

In marketing, this is the moment of aperture, just like the guys selling umbrellas outside train exits in the rain. It’s the right product, at the right time, marketed to a prospect with the right mindset.

Market to the Moment evolved out of this thinking.

I’m so excited, and scared to be part of this constantly evolving industry.

If you are interested in taking a glimpse of the future of marketing, I highly recommend this book. It’s great tool for predicting the future of the media we love, and share.

I’m on my third book renewal. Once the library cuts me off, I might have to buy it for my own collection.

Which, of course, will be well worth the money.

Pamela Weir is a Marketing Copywriter. If you are looking for a sales writer with experience creating website content, press releases, squeeze pages, and sales pages, please visit her Copywriting Services page for more information.

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