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Aug 19

Are you thinking of expanding your business into the online marketplace?

Don’t waste hours, days or even weeks looking for start-up business information on the internet.

In How to Start a Business Website and Hire a Web Designer, the Remarkablogger, Michael Martine, shares secrets that will help you determine the perfect website for your business needs, maximize your search engine potential, find a skilled and reliable web designer, and have complete control over the entire process from start to finish.

The main goal of the book is to help businesses with no internet experience by defining common website terms, and explaining the most important factors involved in:

  • Getting a Domain Name
  • Getting Web Hosting
  • Understanding What a CMS is (and Why You Want One)
  • Hiring the Right Web Designer for the Job

If you are interested in starting an online business and don’t have time for a lot of run around and hype, this book is for you. Martine provides step-by-step information from picking and registering a domain name to hiring a designer and launching your business. His conversational tone leads you seamlessly from one chapter to the next. It’s a fantastic online business starter-kit. Before reading this book, I didn’t understand the many different ways a business owner can lose money by choosing the wrong website and  designer.

If you don’t know what you are looking for or how to tell the difference between a CMS or Non-CMS site:

Clients hire and pay me to fix these kinds of mistakes. They pay for the mistake twice over: once when they make it and once more when I fix it. Now, I like money just as much as the next guy. I still have to charge for my services, but it’s just not right that these good people got screwed before they met me. So I decided to write this book as a way to arm you with the right information to get a website and hire a designer in today’s world of online business.

For only $24.97 USD, Martine explains what to look for in a website, how to find the right Web Designer, the most important web design questions, and the one must-have website feature that gives you complete control over your investment.

The processes and strategies provided throughout the book can be used to screen any online outsourcing service. Martine reminds his audience of the many traps business owners encounter when hiring services over the internet. But he doesn’t stop there, he also reminds readers that professionals who offer freelance services should be treated with the same respect that they would expect during any business transaction.

This is a valuable resource. The lay-out is clean and easy to navigate. It’s quick reference for people who are serious about getting their business online right now. Bullet-points and tables help to simplify and organize the most important information. You can see how much Martine cared about this project by the obvious amount of information that was researched and included in this book. I’ll certainly be implementing the techniques for finding out what your competition is optimizing for.

And, he doesn’t just tell you what you should look for, he gives you features and resources that you can compare and use right now!

It’s definitely worth more than the low price of $24.97 USD!

So, if your interested in avoiding costly start-up business mistakes, click the Buy It Now button below to be directed to the check-out, or use the link in the sidebar to read more information and testimonials about the book.

Buy Now

Buying this book now will save you time and money in the future. Read it before you spend a dime on online business services.

Know what you need. Get exactly what you want!


Pamela Weir is a freelance copywriter. If you are looking for a sales writer with experience in creating website content, press releases, squeeze pages, and sales pages, please visit her website Market to the Moment for information about her services.

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